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Pandora's Alternative Marketing: Capturing the Millennium Generation

In addition to personalized product strategy, Pandora is also quite easy to play in marketing. Pandora Rings On Sale This year Valentine 's Day, Pandora in China, invited the different professional women to interview, talk about their Valentine' s Day gift story. 2 minutes of short video, expressed the "love, to understand her love" meaning. The video of each girl with Pandora's jewelry, and finally also counted in their interview with a total of how many times their own bracelet, necklace and ring, that is, imply that consumers are: do not choose the other, I choose PANDORA the best! In addition, Pandora also released a group of posters, the theme is "love is a ritual presence", through the animated illustrations about the warmth between lovers.

At the same time, Pandora's Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and other social platforms, also throw out the "pink bomb." Among them, in the Youtube released two short video, one tells a man for the love carefully selected Valentine's Day gift story, meaning Pandora can customize the gift for consumers really want; a carefully show Pandora's Valentine 's Day series of jewelry. In fact, Pandora has always attached great importance to the operation of social media, and through microblogging, Instagram, Facebook and other channels and consumers close interaction and exchange. 2016, Pandora launched a series of marketing called "TheLookOfYou", in the marketing is no longer highlighted in the bracelet and string decoration, but stressed that its more commodity categories, such as gold, silver, crystal ornaments, and necklaces, bracelets and Ring. In this series of marketing activities, there are three in London studio shooting long video, video invited to the US fashion industry and entertainment celebrity, net red show their Pandora match and shape. In addition, and R & B singer Andra Day cooperation, in the social media to create labels, promote new products.

Pandora Bracelet Sale This series of marketing content itself is not too much color, but the purpose is very clear, one is borrowed in the social media with a wide range of well-known stars touch a wider group, the second is to highlight the brand image of young, fashion and category integrity. In addition, Pandora is one of the main sponsors of the American teenage favorite music festival Coachella. Pandora Chief Marketing Officer Charisse Ford said. "We need to jump out of people 's awareness of Pandora, and by realizing the fashion and culture we understand, the real integration into the core of the Coachella festival.

In addition, Pandora with its personalized sales strategy, online shops and online platforms are constantly optimizing the two aspects of consumer experience. Today, Pandora is trying to make the shop more interactive. Pandora's shop is located in the Westfield World Trade Center Mall in downtown Manhattan, where customers can use the in-store touch screen to view the latest product information. There are holographic devices in the store, with the breathtaking 3D images show each side of the product. Not so much a shop, more like a "laboratory", all the sales system will be equipped with mobile devices, inventory system will also be digital. Pandora Online Store Australia Online level, the official website for consumers to provide a precise "shopping guide service": where to start to choose? What is the color theme? How can match As far as possible to encourage consumers to design their own online jewelry.

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