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What is L2P spam?

Why do people spam L2P when they play an OP Russian tank killing a German T10 in 2 shots? about 80% of all random battles the outcome is decided by the match maker anyway. The team with the best tanks will win. There is no skill involved.
I don't really feel that russians are OP in any way i don't have a russian tank in my garage and only had the IS and KV-3 soo no experience in them but i do know that i'm more afraid of american an german tanks than russian tanks
The current match maker is different from the old one. Sometimes better sometimes worse. The outcome of most battles in this game is decided by brawling. But often one team has two E-50 and a Bat Chat while the other team has two IS-7 and a T110E5. The team with the medium tanks start at a disadvantage. Even the most skilled E-50M sniper can do nothing when enemy heavy tanks hide in the city where they kill all tanks with ease.

Please Help.
Thanks !

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