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These sheets are ok. They are pretty soft but I wouldn't pay that much for them again. I don't think they're any higher quality that sheets at target.
   Lawrence Villanueva
My son loves it!!!
   Samantha Elyssa Cordera
love the material, washes well. grandson has the same name.
   Ann Charmaine Obedencio
Needed another pair of exercise shorts. We live in TX where it is hot and humid. These dont stick to me before, during or after a sweaty run or workout. The price is a little high IMO but I feel I will get my moneys worth after a couple years. They seem sturdy enough to last that long, too!
   Mui Gordon
I could've gone large, I'm a 38in waist.
   Ricardo Rocha
Great Musical, based on a very true story.
   Paul Mullins

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