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Herman Israelsson
   This is the first sleep mask I've been totally happy with.  It's not too heavy or bulky, but has enough substance to shape around my eyes especially at the bottom (I find that little light peeking in from the bottom so annoying). The strap doesn't pull at my hair, and even though other users have mentioned the strap breaks easily, I haven't had that problem.
Lori Trejo
   perfect for the mattress!
Paty Hernandez Castro
   got this for pack n playmattress, fits nice, very soft, does pill a bit after use but over all nice cover
Martin Martinez
   Loved the picture and the soundtrack also!!
Joan Casimsiman Sarvida Addun
   Great for my daycare. The kids love it!
Hela Bhh Ep Majdoub
   Looks great and fits the dog perfectly.
Would purchase again.

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