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Jacob & Co Astronomia Solar AS300.40.AP.AK.A-1 watch


breguet type xxi review In fact, the relationship between Breguet and the ocean dates back to the 19th century. In 1815, French King Louis eighteen pairs of Abraham - Mr. Louis Breguet able to create excellent quality when sailing chronometer very recognized, he immediately appointed and granted "the French Royal Navy Queen system table teacher" Official honorary title. From that moment on, the success of the Royal Expedition depends to a certain extent on the reliable Breguet marine clock, which is both a great honor and a major responsibility and mission. In 1840, Breguet timepieces accompanied Jules Dumont d'Urville on an expedition, becoming the first timekeeping device to reach the South Pole. For two centuries, the profound relationship between Breguet and the marine industry has always been an eternal chapter of the brand.

Today, Breguet has continued this marine sentiment and turned it into creative inspiration. In 1990, it launched the first marine marine series. In 2017, the birth of the Breguet Marine Marine Series 5887 Time Equation watch played a new prelude to the Marine Marine Series.

cool cheap watches The aesthetic design of the watch has been completely reinterpreted-the original bracelet lugs, the new coin decoration, the widened crown "B", and the exclusive wave decoration hand-engraved by the engraved engraving process, exquisitely interpreting the modern style With dynamic vitality. In this ingenious work, Breguet combines the three complex functions of time equation, perpetual calendar and tourbillon with superb watchmaking technology.

Adhering to the brand's deep historical heritage in the field of navigation, it continues to develop watchmaking with a timeless pioneering spirit. Technology frontiers.Beginning in 2018, Breguet once again presented three upgraded marine masterpieces, the new Marine nautical series 5517 watch, 5527 chronograph and 5547 music alarm watch. While continuing the aesthetic style of the new marine nautical series, the brand and The deep roots of the ocean are condensed in many detailed designs, and titanium watches are introduced for the first time in the Marine nautical series, setting another brand precedent. The brand also gives three new timepieces to the calendar display, timekeeping and music alarm functions, paying tribute to the spirit of exploration and innovation with superior technology.

jacob & co astronomia From the 19th century to the 21st century, the passage of time has drastically changed the watch industry, but what has remained unchanged is Breguet's high responsibility to the ocean. From the spirit of exploration to the protection consciousness, the change in role has not changed the original intention of Breguet , Always pioneering social responsibility with a pioneering spirit. From June 21st to 30th, 2019, the national tour of the Breguet Marine Navigation Series "Exploring the Unknown · Breaking Wave Pioneer" will soon open in the atrium of the Hangzhou Building and be open to the public. Exquisite fusion of exquisite watchmaking technology and modern nautical aesthetics, together with Breguet, review the long-standing relationship between the brand and the history of navigation. The Breguet Hangzhou Tower store will also be re-launched on June 28, 2019. Watch enthusiasts are invited to appreciate the excellence of timepieces and experience the brand's unremitting pursuit of fine watchmaking for more than 200 years.

After being watched by the world for 210 years, this watch was finally auctioned by Nicholas Hayek, chairman of the SWATCH Group. Nicholas Hayek signed a nearly crazy gamble with a well-known national leader to truly replicate this watch that people had spent 210 years in an auction !

The thorny and complicated reprint restoration took months of research, and the purpose was to make the replica exactly the same as the peerless boutique handcrafted at that time. Breguet's original movement was completely disassembled, photographed, and all copied in the same way. The only concession to Hyundai was to choose a modern escapement to ensure more perfect operation. As a result, a masterpiece full of technical genius and timeless beauty was resurrected. The advent of this boutique product fully reflects the amazing craftsmanship and talents of the watchmakers and craftsmen of the Breguet watch factory!


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