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David Quillope
   nice lightweight ( I hate heavy sweat pants)  perfect for comfort and movement ... I will admit that the drawstring not going all the way around, by stopping in rear seems like it will break more easily with wear and tear
Joanna Orlowska
   These are old school "athletic" shorts with modern proportions. They aren't $60 quick dry running shorts, but they are really comfortable and are great for working out, running, or the playing of sport. The pockets aren't very deep, so be aware of your cellular telephone bouncing free during particularly vigorous activity.
Seriously, the price is awesome and you should just buy them.
Sarah Tamy
   I thought we were getting "mint" but we got grey instead.  The packages were mis-labeled.  It wasn't a huge deal to me, so we kept them.  That's why I docked them a start
Ana Ferreira
   Loved the fact that the music was from all three: the Broadway Play, the movie and The Four Seasons.
Ashleigh Reed
   Easy to install. Should give my Kenmore washer a few more years of operation
Bagro Ramil
   Fit well, washed well, wore well.

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